The Ltd & Co KG has several benefits, which is why it is a feasible option for a branch office in Germany with the parent limited company in another EU country, most probably in the UK. The freedom to establish a company within the European Union has made it possible to have branch offices of a limited company in any EU country without great hassle. Having a company branch in Germany allows you to escape the legal formalities and strict company formation rules applicable in Germany. The whole processing procedure of a Ltd KG is very simple if you get it done through a formations agency like Panlegis. Such companies can get through the paperwork within hours and by the end of the day, you have your registered branch office and are all ready to start business immediately in your new Ltd & Co KG.

You require only a minimum capital to start your Ltd & Co KG, as you do not need to create equity. The Ltd KG gets a tax-free allowance of EUR 24,500 and tax benefits can be received by applying shareholder taxation while tax losses can also be deducted from the shareholders. There is no personal liability involved. The registration process for Ltd & Co KG is very simple and can be accomplished within 24 hours, as opposed to the registration of GmbH, which can take weeks. With so many advantages to it, it is no wonder that the Ltd KG is becoming highly popular with limited companies in the UK wanting to open branch offices in Germany. You can make things easier for you by hiring the services of a company formations agency of the likes of Panlegis, who can guide you step by step and help you set up your Ltd & Co Kg without any problem.