Most people have heard about all the benefits for baby when a mother nurses her child, but there are many benefits for the nursing mum that are often overlooked.

Health Benefits

According to The La Leche League International, women who  breastfeed their babies for more than one year, lower their own risk of many future health problems such as,  their risk of heart attacks and strokes. Breastfeeding also has been found to reduce other illnesses such as, high blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol, breast cancer, ovarian cancer, osteoporoses and arthritis.

Pregnancy Recovery

Dr. Elenore Bimla Schwartz, assistant professor of medicine, epidemiology, obstetrics, gynecology and reproductive sciences says, “Breastfeeding is an important part of the way a womans body recovers from pregnancy. The longer a mother nurses her baby, the better for both of them.”

Weight loss

A nursing mother uses 200 to 500 calories per day. To meet that, a bottle feeding mother would have to swim at least 30 laps in a pool a day, or bicycle up hill an hour a day.

Emotional Help

Studies have shown that breastfeeding not only helps a mother’s physical body but also helps them emotionally. The key is the satisfaction, and fulfillment nursing brings the mother. Also the relaxing, quite time spent with her baby seems to calm the her nerves.


Traveling is much easier for the breastfeeding mum than those bottle feeding. The reason is obvious. There no bottles nor formula, and nipples to carry, no mixing, pouring nor warming of bottles.


To provide formula for the first year will cost over $1.000. That is not including the cost of bottles and nipples.


Bottle feeding mothers must spend time every day, and sometimes nights, preparing bottles and formula, making sure the milk is the right temperature, while baby waits, many times impatiently.

So in conclusion, the facts in, breastfeeding mums have many benefits the same as baby. They have extra protection from many illnesses beyond their nursing period, into future years later on in her life.  Also her body will recover faster from her pregnancy. She will use more calories , so she will lose weight faster, and possibly keep it off longer. Her emotional health will be boosted, and traveling with baby will be easier. She  will be saving time, as well as money. So the final word is, there are many, many benefits ahead for the breastfeeding mum.

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