You cannot set out to register a business just because you suddenly hit upon an idea that you want to start a company. What kind of business do you have in mind? Does it relate to your qualifications? When thinking of a company formation it is important to work around ideas that relate to your qualifications, because without at least basic knowledge in the field, you may not be able to set out the right way. Similarly, if you are planning to register a NUF, you need to ponder on whether your idea of opening a branch office will be fruitful.

If you are planning to set up a NUF selskap, it is obvious that you already have a private limited company registered in England or elsewhere in the EU. If you feel that your kind of business will be successful in Norway, you can go ahead with registering your NUF, a Norwegian branch of a foreign company, in Norway. In case you have doubts or are confused and cannot reach a decision, you can consult a company formation agency like Panlegis to help you out. You must bear in mind that when you plan to register your NUF, you must be considering a company that will generate profits.

Although the responsibility of running the NUF lies on the main private limited company in England, there are certain rules and regulations in Norway that your NUF selskap must comply with in order to run legally. So it would be advisable to check these rules before you register your branch. For detailed information, you may want to contact a formations company like Panlegis.